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Real Estate: Quite Possibly The Best Asset Class

BRELF II, LLC is offered by Broadmark Real Estate Management, LLC, which has already raised $17,200,000 from 138 RealCrowd investors. BRELF II originates short-term, first position loans secured by real estate without using leverage, acting as a “bank” to small and mid-sized builders and developers.

BRELF II is part of the Broadmark Family of Lending Funds, which has an eight year audited track record of returns in excess of 11% annualized. Although they work hard to generate attractive returns, the primary goal is principal preservation. BRELF II seeks to minimize the risk of loss through stringent underwriting standards.

Key Points

  • 1st position deed of trust loans only.
  • No leverage of any kind.
  • Maximum loan to value ratios of 65%, current portfolio LTV is 58.8%.
  • Distributions paid monthly.
  • Immediate diversification across a portfolio of conservatively underwritten loans.
  • Current portfolio is 112 loans.
  • Annual audit by CohnReznick LLP.
  • Investments can be made through a self directed IRA.
  • BRELF II, LLC does not generate UBIT nor UDFI.
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